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20 Best HR Podcasts You Should Add to Your List

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Ever since they started gaining traction in 2004, podcasts’ audiences have rapidly grown – with an estimated number of 383.7 million listeners, in 2022. Today, people from all over the world are referring to podcasts as ‘the new radio’ and claiming that podcasts are even taking over books. 

At the present time, HR leaders and HR team members are all in all showing exceptional interest in podcasts since it’s such a great way to keep up with the latest developments and trends – with many HR Podcasts that cover different HR topics with in-depth exploration and discussions.  

Hence, to stay informed, motivated, and prepare you with all the new takeaways for the HR professionals,  here is our list of 20 best HR podcasts in no particular order.


1. WorkLife with Adam Grant

Key insight: Adam Grant is an organizational psychologist who discusses with the most unusual HR professionals in order to understand and identify the best ways to make the workplace more likable for the employees. 
Episodes we love: We Should Allow Sad Days, Not Just Sick Days; Your Insecurities Aren’t What You Think They Are
Where to listen: Spotify 
Length: 40 minutes

2. #SECURETHESEAT with Minda Harts

Key insight: Minda Harts is a career development speaker and author. On her podcast, she likes to discuss different HR related topics while having a special focus on inspiring and empowering women of colour. A well deserved place among the best HR podcasts.
Episodes we love: You Can’t Stand There and Do Nothing, Leading While Black
Where to listen:  Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Anchor
Length: Around 30 min.

3. #Worktrends with Meghan M. Biro

Key insight: The host discusses the rapid changes that the worldwide workplace is experiencing. In this podcast, leading experts, HR tech vendors, and HR practitioners are usually invited to talk about their experiences, what inspires them as well as how they handle different HR situations.
Episodes we love: Forecasting the Future of Work; Unification of HR System
Where to listen: Apple Podcasts
Length: Around 20 min.

4. My HR Future with David Green

Key insight: David Green speaks with senior HR leaders who are pursuing a data-driven HR digitalization. With numerous guests who discuss their own personal journeys and agendas, the podcast aims to shape the future of the workplace. For example, on the below “How to Encourage Employees to Speak Up” recommended episode, Professor at University of Texas provided amazing insights and key takeaways from personal experience.
Episodes we love: How People Shape Data, and How Data Shapes People; How to Encourage Employees to Speak Up
Where to listen: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify
Length: Around 50 min.

5. Redefining HR with Lars Schmidt

Key insight: The Redefining HR (Previously known as the 21st Century HR) podcast is ranked as one of the best podcasts for HR professionals due to its constant effort to explore building a ‘people-centred’ workplace. By always discussing the most modern methodologies and practices, you’ll listen to the experiences of many HR leaders from different fields.
Episodes we love: How HR Can Make an Effective Business Case for Program Investments; Prioritizing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the New World of Work
Where to listen: Apple Podcasts
Length: Around 30 min.

6. The Way We Lead with Gaby and Janelle

Key insight: The two hosts Gaby and Janelle discuss leadership and what it means to be a leader, especially for under-represented or marginalized groups. Topics such as identity, privilege, and power are thoroughly explored by the guests and the two hosts.
Episodes we love: How to Create More Inclusive Workplaces; Creating Change at Our Fingertips: This Is The Way We Lead
Where to listen: Apple Podcast
Length: Around 40 min.

7. Let’s Fix Work with Laurie Ruettimann

Key insight: One of the best HR podcasts due to its difference from other podcasts that usually interview HR team leaders, experts, and members – Laurie Ruettimann invites all kinds of professionals to discuss how to make the workplace better. 
Episodes we love: Basic Income Versus Welfare; How to Stand Up for Yourself at Work
Where to listen: Apple Podcast, Spotify, iTunes
Length: Around 30 min.

8. Not the HR Lady by Tara Furiani and Justin Boggs

Key insight: A quite magnetic and refreshing duo, Tara Furiani and Justin Boggs bring different energy compared to other best podcasts for HR professionals. With different guests, they bring an entertaining vibe by discussing work engagement, communication, transparency, inclusivity, and more. 
Episodes we love: Your #Worthplace; I Didn’t Wanna Get Up
Where to listen: Spotify, Apple Podcast, iTunes
Length: Around 40 min.

9. The Employer Branding Podcast by Jörgen Sundberg

Key insight: The Employer Branding Podcast is a weekly podcast – informative, technical, and always entertaining. Above all, Jörgen has hosted individuals from well-established companies such as Walmart, Wells-Fargo, and Salesforce. 
Episodes we love: How to Treat Your Candidates as Customers, An Employer Brand that Puts Values First
Where to listen: SoundCloud, Apple Podcast, Spotify
Length: Around 30 min.

10. Emotion @ Work with Phil Wilcox

Key insight: Ranked as one of the best podcasts for HR professionals because it is one of the most unique podcasts. Phil thoroughly explains the emotional aspect of our jobs and our job places, and how our emotions often shape us at work. 
Episodes we love: Work in Boundaries and Burnout; Work in Emotional Sensitivity (aka hot triggers)
Where to listen: Emotion @ Work website
Length: Around 30 min.

11. HR Coffee Time with Fay Wallis

Key insight: As an illustration of the name, the former HR manager Fay gives us just the perfect audio to listen to while you’re having some free time or a cup of coffee. Coming from a personal experience and her connections telling’s, Fay always discusses the most common challenges present in a workplace. 
Episodes we love: Succeeding as an HR professional – how to influence at a senior level; 3 tips to build a better relationship with a difficult person at work
Where to listen: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and Spotify
Length: Around 20 min.

12. The Chad and Cheese Podcast hosted by  Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman

Key insight: Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman have successfully created the self-called “most dangerous HR podcast”. The charismatic, sincere, and fun duo wants to discuss ‘spicy’ and not-so-common topics.
Episodes we love: A.I. Hiring Tools – The Wild West?; Careerbuilder Caught Red-Handed
Where to listen: iTunes, Spotify
Length: Around 20 min.

13. HR Happy Hour brought by Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane

Key insight: The HR Happy Hour brings a diversity of topics, starting from management, technology, leadership – and pretty much everything in between. The hosts and production team always succeed to invite high-calibre guests that give an interesting touch to the topics elaborated. 
Episodes we love: Are Summer Fridays the Key to Employee Happiness?; What Happens When a Corporate Offsite Team Building Event Goes Horribly Wrong 
Where to listen: iTunes
Length: Around 30 min.

14. Recruiting Future with Matt Alder

Key insight: Always striving toward innovation, the host Matt Alder interviews HR professionals who have changed the recruiting and HR world. The weekly episodes provide great insights into different topics you may have the interest to learn. 
Episodes we love: Proving The Business Value Of Talent Marketing, The Competitive Advantage Of Employee Experience
Where to listen: Apple Podcasts 
Length: 25 min.

15. The HR Uprising Podcast with Lucinda Carney

Key insight: Ranked on numerous Best Podcasts for HR Professionals, The HR Uprising Podcast brings a personal touch to the matters discussed. Above all, the host is an HR change agent, business psychologist, speaker, and coach who discusses the newest ‘hot’ topics of the HR world. Similarly to other podcasts, the host interviews HR professionals who bring a specialized perspective to the matters. 
Episodes we love: Menopause Revolution, Data Protection
Where to listen: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. 
Length: Around 30 min. 

Best HR Podcasts

16. Eat Sleep Work Repeat by Bruce Daisley

Key insight: To learn how we may better our careers, Bruce Daisley speaks with psychologists, neuroscientists, and industry professionals. In the series, expertise and science are prioritized over gurus and personal opinions. In addition, the podcast counts up to 250,000 monthly listeners. 
Episodes we love: Community: how a table changed a culture; Re-thinking the state of workplace culture in the hybrid era
Where to listen: Apple Podcasts 
Length: 30 min.

17. CIPD Podcast

Key insight: One of the “grandfathers” of HR podcasting is the CIPD podcast, which has produced close to 150 episodes. Moreover, it should come as no surprise that the professional body has access to some of the largest, best, and brightest brains in HR and L&D. In short, topics covered by these experts vary from automation to workplace agility, unconscious bias, cyber security, and performance management.
Episodes we love: Harnessing pressure to drive performance; Adopting a growth mindset: soundbite or science?
Where to listen: Soundcloud 
Length: 20-30 min.

18. Training Journal Podcast by Training Journal

Key insight: Despite HR media tending to ignore L&D, you can count on Training Journal to create one of the top L&D podcasts. With their event specials, you can catch up on the most recent conferences from the comfort of your couch or during your daily commute. Equally important, the bite-sized episodes make listening simple to fit into your schedule.
Episodes we love: Collaborative and social learning; International Women’s Day: Forging a gender-equal world
Where to listen: Soundcloud 
Length: 10-15 min.

19. Talent Tales with Nicole Dessain

Key insight: Real life stories from people advancing design thinking in HR. Nicole often hosts non-HR people too to get their perspective and insights.
Episodes we love: Design Thinking for HR in 2022; Acting Agile w/ Maike Kueper
Where to listen: PodBean
Length: 30-40 min.

20. DriveThruHR with Mike VanDervort, Robin Schooling, Dwane Lay, and Crystal Miller Lay

Key insight: Last but not least on our Best HR Podcast list, DriveThruHR by all means is a compelling and simple-to-listen podcast due to important subjects addressed to HR professionals. Accordingly, the 30-minute programs feature guests and host(s) talking about a range of subjects, such as HR Technology, Recruiting, Talent Management, Leadership, Organizational Culture, and Strategic HR.
Episodes we love: Sustainable Tech Hiring with Karin Ophir Zamet, VP People and Ops, Torq; Enhancing the Interview Process w/ Amanda Hahn of HireVue
Where to listen: DriveThruHR website
Length: 30 min.

Did we miss your favourite podcast? Please let us know if you’d like another show included on the top HR podcasts list, we will certainly be creating more of these in the future.

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