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3rd edition of HR Exchange Network’s FREE virtual event – All Access: Employee Engagement & Experience

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HR Exchange Network

HR Exchange Network is pleased to announce the 3rd edition of its FREE virtual event – All Access: Employee Engagement & Experience – to be held on April 25-26, 2023. The event, which will focus on creating a successful workplace through culture, is designed to provide attendees with actionable insights on topics such as remote work, increased use of technology, mental and emotional well-being, employee development, and collaboration across functions.

Companies that get employee engagement right can enjoy a competitive advantage that is hard for others to replicate. All Access: Employee Engagement & Experience will feature a lineup of industry leaders who will share their expertise on creating an organizational culture of engagement and success. Attendees will have the opportunity to network with peers and gain valuable insights into best practices for improving employee engagement and experience.

In this edition, the All Access: Employee Engagement and Experience event will focus on four key takeaways:

  • Delve into the reasons behind the decline in employee engagement and explore where we may have gone wrong.
  • Examine the importance of prioritizing diversity, equality, and inclusivity in your employee engagement strategy.
  • Discuss how to transform your business to embrace a culture of digitization.
  • Placing wellbeing first: Preventing burnout in a hybrid environment

To register for the event, please check this link:

About HR Exchange Network

HR Exchange Network is a leading online community of HR professionals, offering valuable insights, resources, and networking opportunities to help HR professionals stay informed and advance in their careers. For more information, you can visit their website here.

Employee Engagement and Experience
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