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Artistic Approach for Employee Engagement and Wellbeing

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Artistic approach helps companies ensure better employee engagement & wellbeing

Just recently, a study from Gallup showed that in today’s workplace, employee disengagement costs the US almost $550 billion a year. As organizations ensure company-wide connectivity through new ways of working – discussions around employee satisfaction, and productivity have resurfaced. This means that organizations are rethinking their existing programs.

Companies are starting to understand the benefits of painting sessions, mindfulness drawing, and team-building art exercises. These types of activities tend to enhance happiness, promote team building, boost productivity, and increase motivation and employee retention. 

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Understanding of Employee Engagement

Kahn’s original concept of employee engagement (1990) outlined that in the academic and practice communities, employee engagement is measured statically. In his research into identifying theories, Kahn defined employee engagement as combining one’s professional skills with one’s interests and abilities. Understanding of engagement has undergone a significant shift, and we now know that it is not static. Today, both conscious and unconscious calculations by employees influence work engagement.

The shift to the internal state is even more critical now that the global pandemic has caused individuals to restructure what their value is. With this understanding of how engagement is measured and understood, organizations must develop programs that reflect the transient nature of the employee engagement cycle and incorporate this paradigm shift into program design.

Art Making in the Workplace: Improving Wellbeing, Engagement, and Productivity

An American Art Therapy Association study showed that creating visual art for 45 minutes lowers levels of cortisol (stress hormone). Among others, it highlighted how the creative process of artistic approach improves an individual’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The study also suggested that creative group sessions benefit individuals by improving their overall understanding, helping them value their peers, and building connections and partnerships.

The workshops offered by Oya Arts range from traditional tutor-led painting sessions to fun mindfulness art exercises. Participants reported that the sessions help connect to their peers, allowing to experiment and open their minds to new perspectives.

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Companies experienced in artistic activities claimed that their teams are more engaged and are identifying new problem-solving solutions. Participating in creative activities sparked an internal culture in which employees felt supported and respected and it also helped cultivate their creativity. When organizations accept that people are creative and artistic and incorporate art-based methods into their programming, they reap the rewards. As a result, investing in creativity results in happy employees who can generate big ideas that drive innovation throughout any organization.

For this reason, in preparation for Q1 of 2023, companies should revaluate their existing employee engagement and wellbeing programs. In conclusion, every organization should consider incorporating art-based methods into their framework, as a great way to value employee’s wellbeing and individuality. After all, as Pablo Picasso said, art washes away from the dust of everyday life.

Oya Arts began in 2018 as a way to bring physical art to the workplace. Initially, the company’s goal was to guide businesses regarding aesthetics; however, over the last two years, our offerings have evolved as art-making methods have become an increasingly popular solution to address employee retention issues arising from disengagement.

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