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ChatGPT in Human Resources

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ChatGPT is the new hot topic.

Students are passing their exams, work candidates are preparing their letters of motivation and employees are preparing their emails – all through a simple request in the ChatGPT. Out of curiosity, I tried it myself. Even though many times it was out of the system (because it’s that popular), I asked to be provided with an email template. Guess what, I did. Error-free, grammatically correct, and a very interesting-to-read template.  

Is GPT the future? Will content writers no longer be needed? Is it going to be a game-changer for human resources as well? The article below analyzes how ChatGPT is changing the world and affecting HR. 

What is ChatGPT?

An Artificial Intelligence Chatbot named ChatGPT was created by OpenAI, a research facility that specializes in AI. It builds on the GPT 3.5 model from OpenAI by using a “large language model” that has been enhanced through supervised reinforcement-based training.

The GPT, or “Generative Pre-trained Transformer,” offers thorough responses to user inquiries. Even though the solutions might not always be factually accurate, they offer thorough justifications, can recall what was said earlier, and can even correct themselves if necessary.

Additionally, ChatGPT provides a moderation API that filters the questions, assisting the AI in avoiding racist, sexist, and other unpleasant inquiries. The AI is not currently connected to the internet, and the information it has amassed is exclusively dependent on the training data. It only knows about occurrences up until 2021 as a result.

Advantages of ChatGPT in HR 

ChatGPT deployment has several benefits, including increased cost-effectiveness, employee engagement, simpler management, improved insights, and more. 

Stronger employee experience

The support provided by the GPT increases the overall employers’ satisfaction in the workplace. Due to the outstanding services that GPT is providing, the employers’ experience in the workplace is improving. They no longer need to spend a ton of time with tasks that are easily done in minutes. As we all know – happy employers, happy workplace. An ease in their work thanks to ChatGPT results with higher productivity and better products and services.

AI-based insights

You can use ChatGPT to examine the personnel database and derive interesting conclusions. The AI chatbot can also provide insightful information that can aid in your understanding of your staff. Because it is AI-powered, the chatbot may potentially provide forecasts and suggest ways to avoid unfavorable events.

Furthermore, AI-based analytics can help in understanding minute details that have an impact on an organization’s success. For instance, it can help you comprehend trends in employee absences, breaks, and attendance and alert you to any staff members who might be slacking off at work. By keeping your workforce and maximizing their job duties, such in-depth knowledge will help you streamline your operations.

Query resolution is now simple

ChatGPT is the best chatbot for responding to these kinds of queries since it is so skilled at demystifying complex concepts. ChatGPT can answer employee inquiries rapidly because it is a conversational bot. The process of answering questions will move more quickly because the employee won’t have to remember difficult menu paths. Additionally, ChatGPT needs little training, increasing its potential as a query-handling tool. Additionally, it is able to conduct anonymous employee surveys, which motivate employees to provide truthful responses and gather useful feedback.

It is cost-efficient

For a one-time cost, the HR department can use chatbots in several different ways. As a result, it is extremely cost-effective because it automates several processes and raises staff morale. Engaged workers produce more effective workflows and higher productivity, which further cuts down on the time and expense needed to generate the goods and services. A strong HRMS and ChatGPT’s interactive features together will ensure quicker processing and resolutions. To maintain its chatbot up to date and ready for any requests with the most recent information, the OpenAI team will continuously continually update it. Therefore, implementing chatbots is an affordable solution.


Specifically speaking, ChatGPT finds great solutions for daily tasks as well: 

  • With very detailed examples of inputs and outputs, ChatGPT can create your whole recruiting strategy and provide you with a step-by-step manual to follow;
  • You can get guidance from ChatGPT on the H-1B procedure;
  • You can have ChapGPT draft your HR policy;
  • ChapGPT can write your job descriptions.

Since ChatGPT is constantly improving, feel free to imagine the following creative scenarios of how ChatGPT can improve HR:  

  • AI could update each of your HR policies when regulations and laws change in real-time; 
  • AI that could prevent pay disparities from occurring and, if they did, would promptly notify the appropriate authorities so they could take appropriate action;
  • Imagine an AI that links the dots in real-time, analyzes every discussion taking place in your organization via email, Slack, Teams, etc., and makes sure that everyone is on the same page and that no one is left out;
  • Or, in the future, AI can notify management about a worker who might be experiencing a mental health issue before the problem gets worse than it needs to and then assist the manager in handling the problem.

Will ChatGPT replace employees in HR?

ChatGPT can take work from every single job category of production. From music and art to strategy, advertising, policymaking, sickness diagnosis, and legal counsel, among other things.

Do you need to worry? Well, you should probably be concerned if performing simple HR procedures is all that you do for a living. HR technology devices that perform and produce basic task-level HR tasks will develop fast. Very soon, people won’t draft HR policies, nor job descriptions. Instead, we will tell ChatGPT what we want, and it will create a draft right away. We will then ask ChatGPT to make changes until we are satisfied with the result. What previously would take two to three people to finish, is done in seconds by an AI assistant. 


Technologists and futurists have many (and different) opinions on ChatGPT in HR. Some compare it to the Industrial Revolution because of all the changes that may take place, others doubt it’s impact. Anyway, we at EXM believe that it is a pressing need for HR professionals to discover what ChatGPT can accomplish for people management—and what it can’t—to get a jump on their C-suite superiors who will certainly start making demands as the technology continues to receive broad attention.

Todd Mitchem, CEO of AMP Learning and Development suggests: “Since someone is creating a new AI tool based on this technology every day, HR leaders should put together a special team of people whose job it is to get intimately familiar with these tools.”

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