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Being a successful company, Netflix, the groundbreaking video streaming business, is ingrained in modern society. Find a person that doesn’t have or has never heard of Netflix and you’ll see how difficult it is. People love and cherish Netflix, the loyal friend of their chill evenings.
But what is happening inside of the company? It is interesting to see whether they match our expectations, isn’t it?
Due to the fact that Netflix could cultivate a unique business culture the vast majority of employees working in Netflix suggest working in the company.
The company developed a healthy culture and business based on autonomy and accountability. Employees working there take full responsibility for their actions and decisions.

The Unique Approach

netflix unique management

Netflix discovered that a healthy work atmosphere is critical to fulfilling their goals in their drive to give endless entertainment to the world. As a result, they have chosen to provide the greatest possible working circumstances for their staff. And here’s how they did it.

Responsibility And Accountability

Netflix has proven to be a terrific place to work since it allows employees to do whatever they want as long as they are acting in Netflix’s best interests. Employees are encouraged to take significant risks and are trusted to make the best decisions possible. Netflix employees have the freedom and responsibility to be as creative as they want, but they must also be accountable for their actions.

The organization recognizes its employees’ skills and trusts them to take measures that will produce outcomes rather than squandering the opportunity they’ve been given.

Recruiting The Best

Netflix hires only the brightest, most talented, and most skilled people. The corporation thinks that its employees have the intellectual capacity to make the best decisions with minimal monitoring, hence productivity is entrusted to them.

At this company, their decision to hire the best leads to individual growth and development. Every day, top performers are challenged by their peers to attempt something new and stay inventive. The greatest performers are also rewarded with a hefty severance payout, which encourages them to keep doing their best.

Share The Knowledge

Netflix believes that sharing knowledge across the firm is critical to sparking creativity.

Employees are given access to critical papers and information needed to design strategic plans that contribute to the company’s performance, which encourages creativity at all levels, not just at the executive level.

Employees are given access to critical papers and information needed to design strategic plans that contribute to the company’s performance, which encourages creativity at all levels, not just at the executive level.

Open Disagreement 

Managers and leaders must encourage employees to express their honest opinions on new ideas or decisions, even if they are incorrect. Netflix’s CEO, Reed Hastings, has urged CEOs to give their employees the opportunity to express themselves and constructively criticize the managerial decision-making unit. With this method, the hierarchical structure is flattened, allowing for enhancements and alterations.

Company culture

Don’t Write HR Policies To Deal With Some Employees

Netflix realized the value of working with a team that could work on common sense and logic after learning about the atmosphere that enabled their top employees to function to their full potential. They didn’t need to rely on tightly written regulations because they hired these people.

Instead of relying on outmoded HR procedures that allow managers to dance around the true problem, this ‘adultlike’ behavior meant that issues were discussed freely with one another.

Only Hire Adults

Netflix’s new ‘adultlike’ strategy implies that employees can take as many vacation days as they like. Rather than a structured expenditure system, the policy merely states that employees must “act in Netflix’s best interests” and spend the company’s money as if it were their own.

 Employees also take responsibility for their travel arrangements, which has saved them money by eliminating the need for third-party travel agencies.

Formal performance reviews have been phased out, and instead, senior team members are encouraged to have natural dialogues about performance as part of their daily work.

Why Does It Work?

For the past few years, the high-performance culture has shown improvement and productivity in its workforce. Micromanagement is something that both the firm and the specialists despise. Netflix’s staff aren’t micromanaged, which encourages them to use self-discipline and judgment in the company’s best interests.

Hasting empowers employees to be more creative and follow their emotions without having to go through many permission processes. Netflix recognizes that a lack of information limits creativity. They provide employees with all of the knowledge they require to develop and implement their ideas.

The Core Values Of Company

A list of fundamental values has been developed by several businesses. Many of these, however, are simply for show, and few leaders naturally inspire people to live and breathe these values, using them as a foundation for their decision-making and task execution.

These values are used by Netflix to distinguish and reward outstanding employees. Employees who integrate them into their work life are more likely to be promoted, and many employees acknowledge the value they offer to their personal lives. “The environment drives you to be a better version of yourself, which is far from the truth in many organizations and sometimes the opposite of that,” a senior software engineer wrote on Glassdoor.
The concepts are written out in detail in the Netflix manifesto, but in summary, they are as follows:

Judgment – Making intelligent decisions, identifying fundamental causes rather than treating symptoms, thinking strategically, and articulating what you are attempting to achieve are all examples of judgment.

Listen carefully rather than react quickly, be good in communication in word and writing, be calm in stressful situations, and treat others with respect regardless of their status or point of view.

Impact – deliver tremendous amounts of important work on a constant basis, and focus on great results rather than method.

Curiosity – Learn quickly, seek to comprehend, be well-versed in the business and industry, and contribute in areas other than your area of expertise.

Innovation – Reconceptualize problems to identify practical answers, challenge assumptions and provide new ideas, reduce complexity, and make time to simplify.

Courage — express what you believe, even if it’s unpopular, make difficult decisions, take calculated risks, and question activities that contradict our principles.

Inspire others, celebrate victories, be tenacious, and genuinely care about Netflix’s success.

Honesty — Be straightforward, but non-political when disagreeing with others; only say things about colleagues that you would say to them face to face, and be ready to accept mistakes.

Selflessness — lookout for the company’s best interests, not your own or your team’s. Don’t be selfish,  take time to assist colleagues, and openly and effectively exchange information.

Netflix company culture

What Does Netflix Teach Us?

Netflix values the most employees who are self-aware, honest and don’t act from their ego but for the good of company.
You must hire leaders and employees who are honest with themselves first, and then with others if you want to establish a really collaborative workplace and a performance-driven team. Hiring a genius employee with negative attitudes will not benefit the company in the long run; rather, it will create a poisonous environment and decrease the productivity of the whole staff.
While it may be uncomfortable, it is necessary for forming dedicated teams which communicate with trust and understanding.
Don’t be afraid of getting rid of severe HR policies. As long as you have responsible and accountable staff leaving you free to focus on growing your organization.

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