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Employee Experience Vs HR – What’s the difference?

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In the past, organizations have merely focused on their profit which made them see employees as a way of making more money or simply put – a resource. The tide has shifted as more proof and reports are coming out showing that treating employees with maximum care works effectively for the business as a whole. This trend has helped a new sphere of experience grow big – employee experience.

So, how is it different than HR?

You may think the two are the same but they are not, they both have different ways of influence on how well your employees perform.

This is why you need to understand the differences between the two of them and know which one is more important.

You can simply use a new house as an Illustration. When you focus on the design and come up with ways to improve the appearance of the house, that’s HR. But when you focus on the materials used in building it, how strong the house is and other elements that will make it last longer, that’s employee experience.

Let’s explain both terms, employee engagement looks at the various ways by which a company builds a good interaction with the employees. These are the different things you do to keep your employees focused and inspired to work better for your business.

Employee experience, on the other hand, is the way the employee reacts to employee engagement. It is what determines whether your employee engagement works or not. Employee experience deals with the way your employees react and interact with your business every single day.

For you to understand this better, you need to have employee experience in place for your employee engagement to work out. You shouldn’t just focus on employee engagement.

Also, When you compare them further, you will find out that achieving employee experience is much more challenging than achieving employee engagement.

(HR) Employee engagement is what almost every company out there employs but employee experience is what separates them from one another. When most of the successful companies where studied, it was discovered that they owe most of their improvements and developments to employee experience. This should prove to you that employee experience is much more important.

Now, what makes employee experience more important?

HR focuses more on different ways to improve employee performance. You might be giving out incentives, flexible working hours and so on to motivate your employees. This is a very good approach, but there are times that you just need to understand what your employees want. This is why employee engagement usually comes off as a short term approach.

However, a better way to approach this is to focus on employee experience. This is because it places focus on things that are more important to your employees. These are in terms of technology and good working culture. You need to understand that your employees are constantly looking forward to the next big thing your company has to offer.  This is why you need a good employee experience that will help you do that daily.

Employee experience also helps you build better ambassadors and representatives for your business. It helps you paint a good picture of your company to the outside world. You will be able to get the best out of your employees every single time. This helps you get more happy customers in the long run and more revenue at the end of the day.

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