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EX is an Imperative in 2021 for 92% of HR Leaders!

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It’s already known that the customer focus starts with the employee-first approach. It seems like we’re about to witness the actual implementation of that idea.

A SWOT analysis by isolved was conducted during a survey of 500 HR leaders from 15 industries. The results are promising great improvements in the field, especially around the employee experience.

Out of 15 industries, only agriculture (75%) and non-profit organisations (78%) have shown less than 80% of the respondents put EX as top priority, but it wouldn’t be fair to say that 75% is a low score, so it seems the tide is turning towards employee-centric organisations.

The buzzwords and hype around customer experience in recent years and everyone talking about putting customers at the heart of everything they do has brought mixed results, but the bottom line is that the CX in overall has only gone up in recent years. We expect the same thing to happen with EX, with everyone talking about it, but only a few truly “getting it” in the beginning, at least until we have a number of great examples to look up to.

isolved’s Vice President confirmed this in an interview with Luciana Paulise

“It is impossible to deliver long term great CX unless you have the right people unless you can develop in the right way, so that is why the employee experience is key. That is what will drive the power.”

Geoff Webb, Vice President, isolved

What else did the research show?

  • HR will spend more – 53% of respondents have confirmed that their budget has increased this year, most of which will be spent on technology.
  • Mandatory vaccination – 44% of organisations will make the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for their employees.
  • Opportunity in AI – 58% of HR leaders see AI as a way to create more opportunities, reduce the workload by automating some tasks and improve compliance.
  • Remote; More answers, even more questions – While WFH allows organisations to recruit from basically anywhere in the world, HR leaders are wondering how will that impact the culture and employee retention.

Most of these are good signs and we believe the future of HR and EX is in good hands.
Let’s make sure it happens.

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