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30 Funny Employee Awards Ideas And Our Top 10 List

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Funny Employee Awards is a great way to thank individuals for their distinctive accomplishments while also bringing the team together in laughter.

Obviously, inside the framework of their business culture, each firm has its definition of humor. This is why coming up with employee recognition funny office awards is so much enjoyable – everything happens!

From the examples we’ve compiled below, you should get the ideas for hilarious employee rewards that match your organization’s culture. The suggestions are only suggestions to start your creative juices flowing. Have fun coming up with your own! Without any further ado, let’s get started.

Tips for Coming Up with Distinctive Award Categories for Your Business

funny employee awards

Creating funny titles for employee awards isn’t tricky whatsoever. They seem, in fact, straightforward with a dash of inventiveness. They will undoubtedly make your staff chuckle and genuinely appreciate.

Here are a few pointers on how to come up with award names that are distinctive and appropriate for your organization. Ensure they represent the values and culture of your organization!

They Don’t Have to Be Expensive!

For every award, everything you require is a hard copy of the certification and a modest gift. The primary objective would be to have a great chuckle; therefore, the prize doesn’t seem to be expensive.

Rather, concentrate on every prize class and go for something that corresponds to its vigor. A cup, for instance, might be an excellent gift for that one person who seems to be a tea lover at work.

Take Employees’ Help!

You may enlist the help of a team of co-workers to come up with funny award names for workers. Once you’ve compiled a finalized list of titles, send it across and have the entire group voted on the “winners.”

Request ideas for funny award titles from your workers in advance. Making this a business practice will add a variety of happiness.

Be Careful When Brainstorming!

The key to the entire process is to be amusing, so make absolutely sure that all these awards will delight rather than shame your staff. You should avoid discussing serious matters such as sexuality, gender, ethnicity, and vulnerabilities.

And not only that, one should be aware of the nature of the employee as well. You wouldn’t want to hurt someone by passing off a remark that may come across as ‘too personal.’ While such awards are entertaining, no one would want to turn them into a dire outing.

Employee Awards: Promoting Happiness in the Workplace!

employee recognition funny office awards

Employee appreciation programs are essential for every company for a myriad of purposes. It’s challenging to find talented people, and it’s much more challenging to keep people in your firm.

Employee awards are often regarded as among the most efficient methods of emphasizing employee appreciation.

Frequent employee rewards, on the other hand, are becoming so fashionable because they’ve become monotonous. The employee of the month or worker of the year awards might be contested in some instances.

Isn’t it a little stressful? Why wouldn’t you attempt to make it into something pleasurable and enjoyable? Your staff will be thrilled to be a member of such activities.

10 Funny Employee Awards

funny titles for employee awards

Here are some of the most useful, practical, and amusing award winners to look into!

1.     The Event Planner Award

You can’t imagine working without someone like this on your team. Whenever it came to festivals or parties, this person has always been capable of coming up with some fantastic ideas on putting things together. You didn’t have to think about when, what, or where, the things you’ll eat, drink, or hang out.

2.     The Storm Eye Award

Amid the turmoil, there will be one worker who can keep its cool as the storm itself. This individual can deal with any problems that arise, as well as any unforeseen or urgent situations. At least one of these is required by every business.

3.     The Hidden Talent Award

This position is for someone talented at dancing, singing, or playing an instrument that might succeed in that field rather than being here. They are entirely deserving of this honour.

4.     The Meme Guy Award

There has to be one in your group! This individual always shares an amusing meme when anything pops up. It’s as though hundreds of memes on their laptops and smartphones are just ready to be released. Are you searching for a meme that you don’t recall seeing? Don’t be concerned; ask this individual.

5.     They Always Late Guy Award

This individual is constantly late, no matter what occurs. Despite several attempts, some are not meant to arrive on time. Perhaps this prize will serve as a reminder to them to reach a little sooner another time?

6.     The Always Early Bird Award

You’ll rarely find this person late for something. Even though the world is ending that day, they will always arrive five minutes earlier, if not a little earlier.

7.     The One Who Knows It All Award

The individual has a knack for gathering breaking news. They are often the first to learn about new developments and keep the rest of the squad informed.

8.     The Stand-Up Comedian Award

We’ve all worked with someone who has a genuine sense of humor. They are the office’s embers. Anything they utter constantly makes you laugh out loud. Without their presence, the office appears to be silent.

9.     The DJ of the Team Award

That’s the guy who can always keep coming up with a playlist for your workplace events, whether that’s a company celebration or simply a relaxing Saturday. They’ve got your back on whatever sensations you’re looking for!

10.  The Nanny Award

The award is given to the sweet worker who enjoys looking after everybody in the company. If you’re unwell, they’ll notice right away and prepare you a ginger tea to ease the pain.

20 More Funny Employee Awards Ideas

  1. A Connoisseur of Good Food – This person always knows where and what to order.
  2. The Nomad – Somehow, they’re never at their desk.
  3. The Plant Whisperer – Keeps the office plants alive.
  4. Emoji Master – Always ready with the perfect emoji.
  5. Loud Keyboard – This one is self explanatory.
  6. Charlie Hustle – Shoutout to all Better Call Saul fans who recognize the reference. This goes to the person who’s hustling all day around the office. The busy bee.
  7. Coffee Snob – Never drinking the regular coffee everyone else is. Only their special, favourite brew.
  8. The “Do you even lift?” Award – If they’re not in the office, you can most certainly find them at the gym.
  9. Busy Calendar Award – Somehow, they never seem to have an open calendar slot.
  10. The Side Quest Award – A person who always has a side tasks for people outside their team.
  11. The Fixer – Whatever the issue, they’ll fix it.
  12. Brutally Honest – They will tell you what they think, whether you like it or not.
  13. Spreadsheet Master – They know every shortcut and formula for spreadsheets.
  14. Sports Fan – They love sports and often talk about it.
  15. The Notebook – Always the one taking notes during the meetings.
  16. Last Minute Question – The person who usually has a question just when the meeting is about to end.
  17. Sharply Dressed – You’ll never catch them dressed bad.
  18. The Philosopher – Talks about the deeper meaning an purpose often causing existential dread.
  19. The Case of the Mondays Award – Reference to The Office Space, this goes to someone you’ll find in the worst mood every Monday morning.
  20. Birthday Tracker – Somehow they always remember everyone’s birthday.

The Takeaways!

A humorous awards show with such hilarious employee award names will provide the most satisfactory experience for everyone in your company.

Your staff deserves such beautiful moments and a distinctive name following long weeks of sitting with many tight schedules and demanding situations.

It not only raises your workers’ energy levels, but also enhances your firm’s total productivity. This place is brimming with good vibes!

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