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How To Create Engaging HR Videos For Employees

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Human Resources (HR) videos are designed to help organizations manage and improve employee performance. These videos typically cover topics such as onboarding, training, development, and communication.

By providing employees with this type of guidance, HR professionals can ensure that everyone is aware of the organization’s expectations and goals. Additionally, HR videos can also be used to address specific issues that may arise within the workplace.

But your video stands out and grabs people’s attention; otherwise, there is a huge possibility that your employees may not watch it. 

Luckily, you can follow a few simple steps to ensure your HR video is engaging and effective. This article will explore the need for an HR video and how to create an engaging one.

Why Use HR Videos in Your Organization?

Human Resources videos are used to communicate and engage with employees on various topics. They can be used to:

  • Introduce new HR policies and procedures: This is a great way to ensure that all employees are aware of any changes or updates to the company’s HR policies.
  • Train employees on HR topics such as sexual harassment or diversity and inclusion: These videos can help educate employees on important issues and help create a more inclusive workplace.
  • Communicate changes in benefits or compensation packages: If there are any changes to the company’s benefits or compensation packages, an HR video is a great way to communicate those changes to employees.
  • Share success stories from other employees: Hearing about the successes of others can be motivating for employees and helps show that the company values employee achievement.

How to Create an Engaging HR Video

You’ll need to include a few key elements in your HR video to make it engaging. 

Step 1: Decide the Video Topic

Before you start filming, it’s important to decide on the topic of your video. What do you want to focus on?

The topics for HR videos will vary depending on the organization’s needs. However, some common topics include employee recruitment, managing employee performance, and developing leadership skills. Using AI in employee recruitment has for some time shown great results.

Once you’ve decided on a topic, ensure it aligns with your overall business goals. 

Step 2: Plan out The Script

Once you’ve decided on a topic, it’s time to start writing the script for your video. This is where you’ll begin to flesh out what you want to say and how you want to say it. 

Try to make the videos short and concise—around two minutes is ideal. Keep in mind who your audience is and what will resonate with them. Try to make the language as simple and straightforward as possible, so everyone can understand it. 

Here are a few tips for planning out the script:

  • Begin with a powerful opening that will grab people’s attention
  • Clearly state the purpose of the video 
  • Include information that is relevant and useful to your employees 
  • Use engaging visuals and graphics to illustrate your points 
  • End with the key takeaways

Step 3: Choose the Right Video Style 

Now that you have a script, it’s time to start thinking about the style of your video.

Do you want it to be entertaining or serious? Informative or entertaining? The tone and style of your video should match the overall theme and message you’re trying to communicate. 

Step 4: Edit the Video

The video editing process is an important part of creating an engaging HR video. This is where you can start putting your own spin on the video and making it your own.

There are a number of online video editors that offer an intuitive interface for even first-timers. These tools can help you add visual elements, such as graphics or animation, to make your video stand out.

Additionally, using an online video editor can also help you keep your video short and sweet-around two minutes is ideal. This will help ensure that your employees stay engaged throughout the video.

Step 5: Add Engaging Visual Elements 

In addition to the actual content of your video, it’s also important to pay attention to the visual elements. After all, people are more likely to watch and remember a visually appealing video.

So, how can you make sure your video is engaging and visually stimulating? 

Some tips for adding visual elements: 

  • Use high-quality footage and graphics 
  • Keep videos short and sweet-around two minutes is ideal 
  • Use attention-grabbing visuals, such as infographics or animation 
  • Make sure the overall look and feel of the video matches your brand

Adding visuals can be easy with the help of video editing tools that offer an intuitive interface for even first-time video editors.

Step 6: Use an Attention-Grabbing Headline 

The last thing you need to do before publishing your HR video is to come up with an attention-grabbing headline. This will be the first thing people see when they come across your video, so it’s important to make it count.

Try to use keywords that accurately describe the content of your video, and make sure the headline is clear and concise.

Tips for Creating Engaging HR Videos for Employees

If you’re looking to create an engaging HR video, following these tips will help you produce a high-quality and entertaining piece. 

Tip 1: Keep It Short and Sweet

The last thing you want is for your HR video to be long and boring. Keep your video concise and engaging by focusing on the key points you want to communicate. 

Tip 2: Use Humor

Adding a little humor can go a long way in making your HR video more enjoyable to watch. Use it sparingly, however, as too much can come across as unprofessional. 

Tip 3: Be Creative

Get creative with your visuals and audio to make your HR video stand out from the rest. This will help capture viewers’ attention and keep them engaged throughout the video. 

Tip 4: Tell a Story

Storytelling is an incredibly powerful tool that can connect with viewers on an emotional level. When crafting your HR video, try to tell a relatable story that will resonate with your audience. 

Tip 5: Include a Call to Action

End your HR video with a strong call to action that encourages viewers to take actionable steps after watching. The action could be something like visiting your website or signing up for email updates.

The Benefits of Having an Engaging HR Video

There are many benefits to having an engaging HR video for your employees.

For one, it can help you attract and retain top talent. An engaging video will help your employees better understand your company’s culture and values.

An effective HR video can also boost employee morale and motivation, leading to increased productivity.

Finally, a well-made HR video can be a powerful marketing tool, helping you promote your brand to a wider audience.


Now that you know how to create an engaging HR video, it’s time to get started. Use the tips in this article to plan and produce a video that will help your business attract and retain top talent.

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