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Job Mapping: Top 3 Free Templates

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Job Mapping defines a strategy that encourages growth, work, and results through innovation. Basically, you get the whole job done through a single platform.

What is Job Mapping?

A job map represents a core functional work broken down into individual discrete steps or processes. It shows step-by-step what the client is attempting to do. A job map illustrates what the customer is trying to do (a solution view); rather than showing what the customer is doing (a needs view). 

According to the analysis of hundreds of jobs, all jobs or work contain some of the eight basic process steps: define, locate, prepare, confirm, execute, monitor, change, and conclude. Check the figure below for the otherly known as ‘the universal job map’. 

Universal Job Map

Job Mapping
Figure 1: Universal Job Map

Here are the 8 steps explained:


In this step, the companies decide on their goals and resources and increase their innovation by planning.


Clients work on the information they need to finish the job, while companies ensure that they are available whenever needed.


In this step, customers set up the environment, while companies ensure proper set-up for the work area.


Customers verify that they’re ready to perform the job, while companies give customers the information they need to confirm readiness.


The phase where everyone carries on the job, and prevents potential problems or delays.


Customers check if the job is being finished successfully, while companies conduct monitoring to improve further execution.


Customers make alterations to improve execution, while companies put their efforts to reduce alterations.


The job is finished and products simplify the process of concluding the job.

Top 3 Free Mapping Tools


Use this job mapping template to see the steps your customer takes to accomplish their objectives. The mapping also identifies areas where you can differentiate yourself from your competition.


A job map that assists your team in delivering on commitments; is an ideal tool for product management and UX research to analyse client needs and wants.


You can check Indeed’s template which offers two examples as well. It gives a concise overview of the steps and stages in your development.

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