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LumApps: Delivering a Personalised Employee Experience

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With remote jobs increasing since the pandemic, many organisations have understood the importance of a smooth process of communication, digitalisation, company culture, and overall employee experience. A personalised employee experience helps in creating productive and healthy work environments. This results in employees that are happier to come to work, aspire to grow, think innovatively, and in fostering teamwork. Accordingly, this is where LumApps comes in. 

With the mission of meaningfully connecting employees with organisations, LumApps is today a leading Employee Experience Platform. It focuses on three departments: Human Resources, Internal Communication, and Information Technology. The general usage comes in Improving Employee Engagement, Fostering Culture and Collaboration, and Enhancing Knowledge Sharing. 

How does LumApps do it?

Counting a portfolio of over 450 clients, LumApps has proven to offer innovative solutions for numerous industries. For clients like online food delivery company Just Eat, LumApps has created an online space to bring closer physically disparate teams, fulfil their communication needs, and involve them in work life culture. Similarly, UK-based retailer John Lewis Partnership, implemented the platform for its 78,000 employees who work across two major brands (John Lewis and Waitrose). This provided an opportunity for the company to engage employees through hundreds of workplace communities, aligning and empowering team members.  

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Based on various other use cases, what differentiates LumApps is its customised solutions for the clients. With Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace incorporated, an employee dashboard, news centres, communities, and many other features – LumApps seems to be the great ‘one stop for all platform’, with a real focus on employee experience technology.

LumApps & Employee Experience – The three Es

For a platform that offers top-down communication but with a bottom-up feedback system, and cross-departmental and global collaboration opportunities for digital workplaces – the functions focus on three Es: Engage, Enable, and Empower. 


With the aim of engaging employees with two-way communication and enabling them to interact with targeted audiences, LumApps provides personalised communication for each employee, establishes campaigns that align the employees with a company’s culture, and offers a mobile experience with a pixel-perfect design for an all-incorporated workforce. 


By encouraging collaboration, LumApps enables employees to share knowledge – with the incorporation of reliable sources such as Microsoft and Google. It fosters a space of communication for communities regardless of their role, physical distance, or language. By leveraging video as a powerful medium – LumApps also enables employees to share their own experiences. 


LumApps empowers employees by offering strong digital assistance that supports their day-to-day activities and interests. With a personalised feed and search space, and analytics that improves the overall app experience – employees are empowered to create an individualised journey and navigate their key moments. 

LumApps & Communities

LumApps provides a designated space for employees to be part of a community,  exchanging information and experiences while building relationships with colleagues. Among many features, we found useful the chance to: 

  • Create spaces for employees from the same departments, teams, and localizations; 
  • Let different team members gather and discuss the same project;
  • Provide opportunities for interactions and questions;
  • Give space for hobbies and non-job related activities;
  • Develop the overall company culture by connecting all employees. 

For each given feature, the employee experience platform gives customised visibility permissions – based on the information that you want your team members to share and see. There are community templates that can be created and edited. Additionally, it is designed to be simple-to-use, making it friendly for each team member.

LumApps Journeys

In May 2022, LumApps introduced LumApps Journeys – a personalised employee journey workflow engine that aims to optimise employee engagement and productivity. This has been developed to help businesses achieve long-term results in employee retention and to enhance employee experience through personalised, smart, and integrated journeys – and that capture a variety of employee’s lifecycle moments. 

Training and development, communication campaigns, and event planning are just some of the customised features of this contextualised employee journey. Lionel Moizeau, Product Manager for Journeys states that each journey will be customised to an employee’s role, job, tasks, location, and preferences, making it hyper-personal. 

In essence, we’re bringing the same comprehensive campaign functionality used in the consumer world to employees to help promote corporate culture, deliver better employee experiences, and ultimately help retain talent”, Moizeau commented. 

LumApps Journeys also brings many benefits to HR departments. Recruitment, onboarding, cultural initiatives, and more are all supported by the platform. With a focus on recruitment and onboarding, LumApps Journeys strives for a great employee experience from day one. According to Mary Kaplan, Product Marketing Manager at LumApps, the typical onboarding process consists of 54 tasks. In order to minimise all the stages an employee encounters until reaching full adaptability, LumApps Journey gets employees to be more productive quickly. 

“More importantly, since 44% of resignations happen in the first year of employment, a positive onboarding experience can lead to greater employee engagement and longer-term retention” – says Kaplan.

Setting up LumApps – is it difficult?

For the majority of the cases, setting LumApps up is simple. Client reviews state that the platform is easy to navigate and very user-friendly, with a stylish design and useful features. After all, consistency and simplicity are what define LumApps, another review claimed. However, there are some more advanced features that may require some basic technical knowledge. If the employees decide to switch to LumApps, basic training, LumApss training will guide the users. Customers can also work closely with LumApps to ensure they are getting the most out of the platform.  


The pricing isn’t set, meaning that each package tries to tailor specific client needs and customise the service offered. Being that, Find out more at their website: https://www.lumapps.com/platform/pricing/

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