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Manifest Revolutionizes Retirement Account Transfers with Launch of New Employer Portal

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CHICAGO, IL – Manifest (, one of the most innovative employee benefits to hit the retirement space in years, is excited to announce the launch of its brand-new employer portal.

Accessible 24/7 from any browser, this portal transforms Manifest’s employer onboarding process into a seamless 20-minute endeavour as effortless as any top-notch SaaS product.

Anuraag Tripathi, co-founder of Manifest, expressed his excitement by saying:

“Especially in today’s remote work era, benefits administrators and HR teams have a lot to juggle. In addition to simple onboarding, our portal makes offering a 401(k) plan 5 times easier by taking over much of your team’s administrative burden. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve built!”

– Anuraag Tripathi

88% of employees rank saving for retirement as their top financial stressor. Upon leaving a job, account consolidation is the best way to protect and grow savings, as opposed to a cash-out or leaving an account dormant. However, the difficult manual transfer process has long discouraged participants from maximizing their long-term outcomes.

A Manifest study in conjunction with Washington University of St. Louis found that 9 of 10 participants who initiate a transfer fail to complete it, instead subjecting their account to needless fees, penalty, and risk. This glaring inefficiency represents a missed opportunity for employers and participants alike, and underscores the pressing need for a more streamlined approach.

Gone are the days of paperwork, phone calls, fax machines, and stress. A typical Manifest user can boost their savings by an additional $8,800 with less than 10 minutes of effort*. By offering their participants access to Manifest, employers can showcase their commitment to long-term employee financial health while simultaneously transforming their bottom line.

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As the first digital tool of its kind, Manifest works hard to emphasize the impact of account consolidation on an employer’s participants, retirement plan, and overall bottom line. Fully customizable metrics are available directly on the portal’s home page, with statistics available such as estimated additional participant savings, estimated reduction in HR administrative hours, and so on. Guided by Manifest’s expert team, employers can collaborate to align analytics with their specific business objectives, whether it be the finance team, operations team, recruitment team, or beyond.

Effective communication and engagement are paramount to unlocking Manifest’s full potential. With this in mind, Manifest’s participant app and portal are carefully designed to be fully accessible through a simple URL, allowing for distribution through any channel. To help reach their teammates, employers gain access in the portal to nine interactive distribution modules that can be utilized at any time. These modules encompass a wide range of digital and physical materials, and dynamically update based on relevant events like open enrollment, New Year’s, tax time, and more. For example, it takes just a few clicks to send a decorated Manifest postcard encouraging consolidation to every plan participant, free of charge.

For its innovative problem-solving and tangible results, Manifest won first place at the Chicago Booth New Venture Challenge and the MIT Fintech Challenge, and was awarded a 2022 Wealth Management Innovation Award as one of the most innovative new FinTech products. Through clients and partners, they’ve gained access to over 250,000 participants, and are looking to continue to grow to help maximize retirement outcomes for all.

To learn more about Manifest, request a demo, and go live, visit

*No returns are guaranteed.

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