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2021 was an interesting year, to say the least. From WFH revolution to the Great Resignation, employee experience has certainly been in the spotlight, and it’s not going away.

When it comes to our Magazine, our first full year has treated us well. The increased focus on the employee worked in our favour, and we’ve reached some incredible milestones in readership and following.

With over 100 articles published in 2021, it’s not easy to pick our favourites, that’s why we’ve let you do that. Here’s the list of the most popular articles in 2021:

1. Dave Ulrich Three Box Model

This article explains one of the most popular HR models designed by Dave Ulrich, including a comment from Mr. Ulrich himself.

2. Funny Employee Awards – Our Top 10 List

In a photo finish for the first place, this article gained a lot of traction by the end of the year. Funny internal awards is always a popular way to wrap up the year.

3. Facebook Onboarding & New Employee Orientation

Despite all the controversies in 2021 and the name change, Facebook (or now Meta) remainsone of the most desired places for job-seekers, so it’s not a surprise that it was one of the most popular reads this year.

4. Diversity As A Core Value

This is good news. The more we talk about diversity and inclusion (and demand it, along with equality) the better. 2021 has brought a lot of changes to better and we hope the 2022 will follow the trend. We certainly will.

5. Preparing For The Great Resignation

Gethin Nadin explains the events behind one of the hottest buzzwords in 2021, and what can organisations do to make things better.

6. Employee Champion Role

The employee champion (or the change champion) role is being adopted by more and more companies, a trend we fully support.

7. Interview with Martha Vilchis

It’s not easy to manage employee experience for over 100.000 employees but when you have desire, vision and support from the management, anything is possible.

8. Interview with Asha Wilde

Asha has talked to us about her path to becoming EX professional and about the amazing EX programmes at BT

9. Wellbeing Budgets Aren’t Always The Solution

Robert Pender explains why some organisations make a common mistake at the very beginning of their wellbeing initiatives.

10. Interview with Laura Campbell

Everything that Laura does deserves all the praise, and more. Her interview being on the list is no surprise.

Thank you for being with us throughout 2021. In 2022, we wish you amazing employee experiences, healthy work-life balance and a year full of joy and happiness!

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