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Not just another event! Presenting the Ei Evolution Summit

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Employee Experience Magazine is proud to be a media partner of the Ei Evolution Summit, an event bringing you content and speakers about Customer Experience (CX), Employee Experience (EX) and Remote Work Experience (RX) and which allows you to gain a more ‘human’ perspective in this changing world of work.

Not only the event gives you access to two-day Summit featuring 16 internationally renowned speakers, like Dr. Daniel Goleman, It also includes 12 workshops and features more than 50 talks from June till October from the top of the shelf brands like Spotify, Apple, Google, Shopify and Under Armour.

The event ticket also includes access to Wellness and Senses sessions (don’t forget about the self-care) and plenty of opportunities to network, share best practices and learn from others.

Visit the Ei Evolution Summit website to learn more and grab your tickets before they’re sold out.

We are delighted to be partnering with Employee Experience Magazine so that their community can learn what this is all about and be prepared for their future by discovering ways to make your work more empathetic and emotionally intelligent, enabling better work experiences for you, your colleagues and your employees. 

Sandra Thompson, Curator, Ei Evolution Summit and Director at Ei Evolution

As the event Media Partner, Employee Experience Magazine will closely cover the event and bring you some of the exclusive stories and content pieces.

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