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Recognition Gap in the UK: Reward and Recognition Report

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Closing the Recognition Gap in the UK: Reward and Recognition Report is a collaboration between Huggg and YouGov to explain how well-timed and thoughtful gifts in the workplace can help you. Daily titles such as: ‘quiet quitting’, ‘great resignation’, and ‘toxic workplace’ are constantly increasing. Rewarding and recognising your employees should be part of your employee retention strategy, and gifts can play a great role if played well.

By analysing a sample of 2,190 people all across the UK through different industries, the report published findings on how many times the employees received gifts when they didn’t – and how both instances dictated how they feel about the workplace in general.

In order to create a happier workplace that increases the levels of employee satisfaction you can download the report to learn more. Follow this link to get the report.

The gifting landscape

The first results of the report titled ‘The Gifting Landscape’ explain who in the work most commonly receives and delivers gifts. In addition, some trends behind why these gifts are being sent are presented.

Prioritizing recognition

When certain projects exceed the expectations of the effort, work, and results, recognition should be a priority for every company/organization. The report illustrates the findings on what role recognition & gifts play. There are some phenomenal findings we are excited for you to check. 

Employees are demanding more

Attracting talent is becoming a continuous battle for all companies. With employers going above and beyond to create a healthy workplace, rewards and recognition are becoming essential to keeping up. Our reward and recognition report has brought to the surface some interesting statements on how employees now are demanding gifts and recognition as a natural process in the workplace. 

Closing the Recognition Gap in the UK

A mutually beneficial culture

We all witness what an important role recognition plays in our daily life. The same goes for the workplace. Our findings show how both companies and employees benefit from a recognition strategy that incorporates gifting and reward.

The three last sections of the report include explanations on how to maximize office culture and employee experience, 4 main key takeaways and expert reviews. We aren’t going to mention more in this article as we believe the report deserves a thorough read and attention from you.


If you want to create a happier and healthier workplace by investing in appreciation, recognition, and reward, download the report from the form here. The findings are really interesting and helpful and we are really excited for you to check on them.

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