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State of EX Report: 70% of Organizations Lack Adequate EX Data as Attrition and “Quiet Quitting” Continue to Rise

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Despite measurement challenges, EX practitioners remain optimistic about future investment. They believe it will tackle competition for talent, return to office and hybrid work issues.

State of EX Report

WASHINGTON D.C. (PRWEB) – On November 29, 2022 – FOUNT Global, Inc. and TI People announced the release of the 2022 State of EX report. This report is the only longitudinal study tracking organizations’ efforts to improve employee experience. For the majority of respondents (85%), their top challenge is measuring the business and financial impact of EX improvements.

Findings suggest that employee data is at the root of this challenge. Although 90% of respondents run employee surveys at least once a year, 70% say the data collected is inadequate. This inadequacy seems to stem from the fact that most organizations’ data does not capture the depth and context of employees’ experience thoroughly enough to guide decision-making and action.

“The upheaval of post-pandemic work life has driven many organizations to revaluate their employee listening strategies to be more responsive to their workers’ expectations,” said Christophe Martel, Cofounder and CEO of FOUNT. “Given our experience with early adopters of advanced EX practices, we expect more global brands to extend existing survey capabilities. This helps understanding what causes friction for their employees and focus their data collection activities on things they can actually fix.”

Important Findings

Overall, survey respondents felt that the current business environment is disproportionately favourable for EX investment. 94% of responders reported that EX improvement is more than just a short-term project at their organizations. For 51%, EX work is a permanent change in how their organizations operate.

Employers are reaping the benefits of an improved EX, such as FOUNT customer TEKsystems. “Whether you are surveying to get a baseline on the entire experience or diving into a specific moment of work, if your data doesn’t get to the root cause of why employees are struggling to be productive or why they feel disengaged, the EX effort will fall short,” said Michelle Webb, Executive Director- Employee Experience, TEKsystems.

Other important findings from the 2022 State of EX survey:

  • 81% report that intense competition for talent is motivating their colleagues to invest more in EX
  • 63% report that post-pandemic return-to-office/hybrid work issues are also motivating more EX investment
  • EX professionals ranked business leaders and managers as having the most impact on EX and as their most important partner, yet also ranked them less helpful than HR colleagues
  • 79% of respondents struggle to coordinate EX work across their organizations
  • 70% of EX teams report into HR, 50% have budgets of less than $100k/year, and 75% have fewer than 7 members

To receive a copy of the full report, feel free to visit Fount. You can also take a short quiz to understand your organization’s EX efforts stack up against the 2022 survey benchmarks.

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