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The Intersection Network Launches Diversity and Inclusion Tool for Talent Acquisition

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The Intersection Network has announced the launch of a new online diagnostic tool to help organisations assess the maturity of their talent acquisition diversity and inclusion efforts. Designed for talent acquisition, HR, and diversity professionals, the ‘Diversity and Inclusion Talent Acquisition Maturity Assessment’ provides a benchmark for measuring progress on diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Scalable and adaptable, the framework cuts through the noise to provide focused, impartial, and trusted guidance. Once completed, the ‘Diversity Inclusion Talent Acquisition Maturity Assessment’ assigns a score that benchmarks current acquisition strategies against best practice diversity and inclusion advice. A personalised report offers tailored recommendations on how the organisation can further improve its diversity hiring capability.

That personalized report can be shared with internal stakeholders, offering context to additional budget requests, and enables acquisition leads to develop more equitable and sustainable hiring policies for all under-represented talent groups, including gender, disability, age, ethnicity, veteran, LGBQT+, and social mobility.

Dan Gallagher, founder of The Intersection Network, commented, “It’s never been more challenging for talent acquisition leads to create effective, and sustainable DEI strategies that meet the complex needs of their organisations.

“We’ve heard a lot about diversity and inclusion in recent years, but the sheer amount of content created around this topic makes it incredibly difficult for talent acquisition professionals to sift through the outdated and misinformed. There’s also increased scrutiny due to the USA’s Supreme Courts of Justice’s decision on affirmative action, along with a weakening budgetary spend by firms globally on diversity activities.”

The ‘Diversity Inclusion Talent Acquisition Maturity Assessment’ meets those challenges head on with a four-stage maturity model that guides talent acquisition professionals through building, delivering, operating, and analysing world-class, data-led DEI programs.

He added, “There is now an opportunity for talent acquisition professionals to partner with our diversity colleagues to take a pro-active part in the building out of diversity initiatives to ensure that the under-represented talent we bring into the business are given the platform to thrive.”

The platform will launch worldwide 18 March and anyone who registers their interest throughout March will receive a free summary report to celebrate International Women’s Day.

About the Intersection Network

The Intersection Network is a community interest company. It was founded to help talent acquisition professionals run impactful recruitment activities that intersect with diversity and inclusion initiatives. The Intersection Network achieves this by sharing practical insights across the four pillars of the talent acquisition function: Delivery, Build, Operations and Analytics.

The Intersection Network was founded by Dan Gallagher. He is the Global Inclusion and Diversity Talent Acquisition Lead at IT firm Avanade, which is a joint venture between Microsoft and Accenture.

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