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Top 6 HR Podcasts to listen on 2024

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In the dynamic world of Human Resources, staying updated with the latest trends, insights, and best practices is crucial. Podcasts have become a popular medium for HR professionals to gain valuable knowledge while on the go. As of 2024, here are the top 8 HR podcasts that provide key insights, engaging discussions, and expert advice.

Honest HR

  • Key Insights: Honest HR delves into the authentic and transparent side of Human Resources, tackling real issues faced by HR professionals. The podcast explores various aspects of the workplace, from leadership challenges to employee well-being.
  • Episodes We Love:
    • “Navigating HR Ethics”
    • “Building a Positive Company Culture”
  • Where to Listen: Apple Podcasts
  • Length: Varies

Diagnosing The Workplace: Not Just an HR Podcast

  • Key Insights: This podcast goes beyond the traditional HR scope, diagnosing workplace issues from a holistic perspective. It covers topics such as workplace mental health, diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Episodes We Love:
    • “Breaking the Silence on Mental Health at Work”
    • “Fostering Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace”
  • Where to Listen: Apple Podcasts
  • Length: 30-45 minutes

TalentCulture #WorkTrends

  • Key Insights: #WorkTrends explores the intersection of talent and culture, providing insights into the evolving nature of work. The podcast covers topics such as remote work, employee engagement, and the future of HR.
  • Episodes We Love:
    • “The Rise of Remote Work”
    • “Adapting to the New World of Work”
  • Where to Listen: Apple Podcasts
  • Length: 20-30 minutes

While We Were Working

  • Key Insights: While We Were Working takes a unique approach, examining historical workplace events and their impact on the present. It offers valuable lessons from the past and how they shape HR practices today.
  • Episodes We Love:
    • “The Evolution of Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace”
    • “Technology’s Influence on the Modern Workplace”
  • Where to Listen: Podbean
  • Length: 45-60 minutes

Nine to Thrive HR

  • Key Insights: Nine to Thrive HR explores the multifaceted aspects of HR, offering practical advice for HR professionals and business leaders. It covers recruitment strategies, employee engagement, and HR technology.
  • Episodes We Love:
    • “Strategies for Effective Employee Onboarding”
    • “Navigating HR Challenges in a Post-Pandemic World”
  • Where to Listen: Apple Podcasts
  • Length: 20-40 minutes

The CandEs Shop Talk

  • Key Insights: This podcast focuses on the Candidate Experience, providing insights into recruiting, employer branding, and the overall candidate journey. It is a valuable resource for HR professionals looking to enhance their talent acquisition strategies.
  • Episodes We Love:
    • “Building a Positive Candidate Experience”
    • “Innovations in Recruitment Technology”
  • Where to Listen: Apple Podcasts
  • Length: 25-35 minutes


Stay informed and inspired by incorporating these HR podcasts into your routine. Whether you’re commuting to work, exercising, or taking a break, these podcasts offer valuable insights that will keep you at the forefront of HR trends and practices in 2024.

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