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Top 7 Non-Financial Recognition Rewards for Remote Employees That Actually Work

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Remote employees come with specific challenges, and that includes designing a suitable reward system. If a worker does a good job, you should think about recognizing their performance in non-monetary ways. That is an efficient way to show you care and strengthen the bond with the company. Here are the top suggestions for non-monetary incentives to remote workers!

1. Send Out Custom Tangible Gifts

According to a study from 2017, 70% of employees feel more connected to their company after receiving a memorable gift. The crucial word is memorable, and can you think of something they’ll remember more than a personalized gift?

If you know about their interests, use that to come up with an ideal present. For example, employees who work from coffee houses use laptops, and they could benefit from a new case. Uniform branding is another way to strengthen the entire team’s bond to the company. Make sure that remote employees get the same uniforms as your in-office workers.

2. Workstation Support

Many remote employees use personal equipment to do their jobs. Due to budget issues, they might not have a computer with the best possible configuration. For example, a graphic designer could use a better PC setup or a bigger monitor.

Companies should find ways to improve workspace or equipment their remote employees use. If the staff member proved their value, this incentive could boost their productivity and motivation. They’ll be more eager to work if they use better equipment. They might be able to handle some assignments faster, leading to productivity.

3. Virtual Success Celebration 

It’s hard to feel a part of the team when working remotely. But each staff member is equally important, and managers should put effort into proving that. For example, organize the next meeting online and publicly praise the employee’s work.

If possible, you can occasionally organize a get-together or night out for the entire team. And if not, how about celebrating that success virtually? You can organize online team-building events. Get everyone or Zoom or a similar app to play games, chat, and do some general bonding.

4. Provide Flexibility at Work and Extra Time Off 

A recent survey suggests that the main reason for improved productivity is the flexibility of working hours. Does it matter if the employee works in the morning or evening if they get the job done? If you have a staff member who respects deadlines and finishes assignments on time, give them some flexibility. 

It’s unnecessary to spend eight hours online or in the office if the work schedule is on track. On some days, employees could use extra hours off to spend with the family or simply rest. And if the team finished a demanding project, giving them a day off is excellent recognition.

5. Growth or Learning Opportunities

According to this research, 94% of employees agree that it’s important to have access to professional development. The market has never been changing at this pace, so we all need to adapt our skills to it. 

The company should offer its employees new projects or paid training that facilitate their growth and learning. Fortunately, many courses are available online, which simplifies the arrangement for your remote workers. In addition, growth and learning opportunities could lead to the employee and the company developing together, which is a mutual benefit.

6. Online One-on-One Time with Management

It is another great way to strengthen the bond of the company and the team with their remote employees. It’s nice to read a thank you email, but having an actual conversation is much better. Depending on the distance, you can arrange a lunch or meet online.

The meeting should be casual, and the manager shouldn’t miss the opportunity to praise the employee’s work. That is a great time to hear what the staff member thinks about the company and whether they have some work-related concerns.

7. Provide Leadership Opportunities

If the remote employee has been doing a good job for a while, you could make them the “manager of the day.” Apart from recognizing their work, this also has potential training benefits. The employee could have the talent to become a manager, or that day could inspire them to work on their abilities for a potential future promotion.

The manager should be present during that day. Not only could the employee use some pointers, but it’s necessary to assess the performance.

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