Twitter Sourcing – How To Source Candidates On Twitter?

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With the increasing popularity and power of social media sites, more and more people are searching for jobs on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 

Twitter is the third-largest social network today and features a powerful search engine that helps discover people with specific interests. With this platform, it is easy to find candidates who use their profiles for branding. 

Sourcing candidates on Twitter means using the network to find the right candidates for your job positions. In this post, let us discuss all you should know about Twitter sourcing to fill your talent pipeline with the best matches. 

Twitter Sourcing – A Complete Guide

Proactive candidate sourcing enables you to spot fewer but qualified candidates for open job positions in your company, freeing up time you can utilize to provide them with an experience that makes your organization a place they would like to work with. Twitter is one of the best platforms you can use for candidate sourcing as it allows finding a variety of individuals based on their location and areas of interest. 

Advanced Search on Twitter lets you search tweets and profiles for keywords related to the open positions in your company. For example, if you are sourcing candidates for your support team in Texas, you can use search fields to enter the location, keywords, language, and other things to search posts and profiles matching your needs. The search results you get can be narrowed down by photos, videos, profiles, news, and tweets. 

Once you find the right candidates, you can engage them on the platform by liking and replying to some of their tweets and reaching out to them to see if you can connect via phone call or meeting. 

Make sure your initial conversation is kept open-ended so that you can learn more about the candidate’s professional life and career goals. Even if you don’t have an open job position for a candidate, you can engage them, earn their interest, and build a connection with them to hire them in the future. 

how to source candidates on twitter

How To Source Candidates On Twitter?

The key to sourcing is being able to find the biggest pool of qualified candidates and narrow it down to the best ones. Sourcing on Twitter is a bit different from sourcing on Facebook and LinkedIn and takes a little more creativity and knowledge. Here are some effective ways you can use Twitter to source the right candidates. 

Use Twitter Lists

Lists on Twitter are groups of accounts you can curate to organize your feed. A list only shows tweets from the members. You can, for example, search and create a list with accounts of employees working in the HR department of your company to read tweets only from the HR team. You can quickly create private Twitter lists for passive sourcing. This makes it super easy and quick to contact candidates as all their profiles are organized in a single place. 

You can also create public Twitter lists to garner recruitment interest. They are great at attracting passive professionals and improving the chances they respond when you contact them. Another way to use this feature is to promote events hosted by you by creating guest lists and keeping in touch with them. These lists are also useful for keeping track of attendees at an event. You can quickly find candidates when they tweet about a conference or event in the industry you are sourcing for. 

Advance the Recruiting Search

The best way to use Twitter for sourcing candidates is its advanced search capability. It not only allows finding users by multiple criteria including language, hashtags, location, and keywords but also enables growing your network by looking for people mentioning other users. 

Even when somebody you find isn’t interested in your job position, it is possible that they have connections who may show interest. Advanced search also helps you stay on top of the tweets from a user you are interested in. This would help you learn more about them and engage them in a meaningful way.  

Use Boolean Search

If you don’t want to use the advanced search function on the platform, you can use the Google search engine to find candidates. Use boolean search strings to find professionals matching your criteria on Twitter. A boolean search would also help find public lists containing individuals from specific industries generally tweeting about relevant topics. You can follow the lists and their conversations and even look at other lists from the same account.  

Best Twitter Recruiting Hashtags

Hashtags can be quite useful when trying to find the ideal candidate for a job. Using targeted keywords would help you target your recruitment posts to the most relevant users on Twitter. The key is to know which hashtags to use. If your goal is to meet potential recruits, you should have an idea of what hashtags they are following and using. 

There are some ways to find out what is trending at a time on the platform. For example, Hashtagify would allow you to search hashtags, verify their popularity on Twitter and get recommendations for your posts. Such tools help recruiters see what hashtags are the most effective and which aren’t. You can also try and look at popular hashtags on the platform and decide whether they are relevant to your posts. 

Try to keep it simple. You can create a brief tweet including a message with a link to the job posting. It can be followed by 2-3 hashtags, including the company name and the position. For example, it can be ‘Now hiring for an HR Executive with XYZ Company! (link to the job posting) #XYZ Company #nowhiring’. With these hashtags, you can target two groups – those searching for jobs and those following your company. 

Some other recruiting hashtags you can use on Twitter – #careers #HR #work #jobhunt #jobsearch #jobopening #staffing #jobs #employment. 

Popular Job Posting Hashtags

twitter sourcing

Hashtags are a powerful tool when it comes to using social media platforms for the job posting. You can maximize the power of hashtags by selecting the most relevant and popular ones. There are several tools that provide metrics for hashtags and even generate relevant tags for you based on the analytics and trends. Here are some of the most popular job posting hashtags recruiters use. 

#jobhuntchat #hiring #resume #interview #employers #seekingjob #recruiting #joblisting #degree #CV #marketing #graduate #banking #hrjobs #retail 

Apart from general hashtags, you can use industry-specific hashtags to reach out to the targeted audience. For example, when you post a tweet like ‘Hiring for an IT Support Specialist (job posting link) #XYZCompany #itjobs’, you target followers of your company and those who are in search of IT jobs. This way, you can narrow down your focus to individuals who are already educated and experienced in the area. 

Final Thoughts

Twitter sourcing can be an extremely powerful way to build a talent pipeline. By building connections with people you want to recruit, you can easily find passive candidates interested in learning more about the opportunity and referring other professionals. 

Ongoing social recruiting on Twitter gives you a pipeline of qualified talent you can choose from whenever you have positions to fill. 

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