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Women in tech value work life balance and financial incentives above all else, according to research

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New data reveals the top benefits women in tech want from their employers 

Tech companies are often at the forefront of progressive policies when it comes to employee benefits. In addition to competitive salaries, the high-intensity environment of tech work, regardless of industry, necessitates a more expansive approach to employee benefits. 

With recent research highlighting the experience of burnout amongst women in tech and a burnout rate of 46%, Tenth Revolution Group company Revolent has undertaken new research to gain greater insight into the policies and practices that women in tech most want to see from their employers. 

In a survey of more than 800 tech professionals across multiple different cloud ecosystems, the most-desired employee benefits were: 

Responding to this new research, Revolent’s Global EDI Strategy Lead Caroline Fox said:

In light of the recent information on burnout amongst women tech professionals, the rankings for the most sought-after benefits here absolutely make sense. Time away from work is often critical when dealing with the impact of workplace stress. Likewise, the flexibility that remote or hybrid working offers can be a vital component in strategies to prevent burnout. 

“Seeing financial bonuses make the top three is also consistent with our understanding of the landscape. Tech work can be lucrative, but it’s also intensive, difficult work. Bonuses ranking third suggests women in tech ultimately want to be better compensated for their work, their time, and their energy.”


Statistics were derived from the latest (2022-2023) careers and hiring guides offered by Tenth Revolution Group and its recruitment brands. The total sample size for this study was 866. It included women tech professionals working across Amazon Web Services, Microsoft 365 and Business Applications, NetSuite, and Salesforce. 

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